Shops, restaurants and other facilities

In and around WTC Amsterdam are all the facilities you need daily. A diverse choice of restaurants and cafés makes Zuidas a perfect place for a (in)formal lunch, a drink with colleagues or a business dinner. You can find an Italian coffee shop to culinary hotspot. The grow of shops will continue in the future.

Meanwhile, World Trade Center Amsterdam offers all the facilities of a small town such as dry cleaning, supermarket, delicatessen, a physiotherapy practice and even a dentist.

In World Trade Center Amsterdam is also a design hotel where you can spend the night.

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Living at zuidas

World Trade Center Amsterdam is noted as the largest housing location of Amsterdam for the future. Now, there are about 650 houses realized and many service facilities built, including Babysitting/Child Services, sports centres and catering. In 2040, the number of homes are up to 9000.

The offer ranges from sale and rent apartments to luxury penthouses. There is a lot of attention to the quality of living through the use of sustainable materials and the construction of friendly green outdoor spaces. That makes Zuidas lively and pleasant to live.

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