D&B The Facility Group

D&B The Facility Group is a leading, facility service provider that offers Security and Cleaning services for the common areas of our WTC. As a tenant, you can turn to D&B for high-quality services such as cleaning, hospitality and security. Hospitality has been in D&B’s DNA for over 30 years and you can find it in all their in-house services, where they create meaningful moments that stick with you.

In WTC Amsterdam, D&B provides security and cleaning services for the general areas. They ensure the daily security and aesthetic appeal of our building. D&B’s services work closely together, allowing them to respond quickly. A team of Cleaning and Security hosts is present on-site daily, as well as a designated point of contact for all service and contracts.

These services are also available to our tenants. You can rely on D&B for high-quality services such as cleaning, hospitality, and security, including keyholding, opening and closing rounds in your own office, waste management, beautiful plant arrangements, a weekly fresh bouquet of flowers, daily fresh fruit, or mailbox services. The advantage of working with D&B is that you’ll receive a consolidated invoice every quarter, instead of multiple invoices from various suppliers for various facility services. D&B manages the suppliers, handles the administration, and verifies the billing. In short, D&B takes care of everything.

Contact them at wtc-cm@db.nl for any questions; they are happy to get in touch with you!

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