Are you WTC Amsterdam tenant? Practical information about the building, plus the tenant handbook and house rules can be found here.

Tenant handbook

The tenant handbook includes all the relevant information about WTC Amsterdam and the people you can contact if you have any questions.

Download our tenant handbook

Rules and Regulations

Compliance with the rules and regulations helps contribute to a pleasant working environment for everyone who who leases space within WTC Amsterdam. This document covers the guidelines, agreements and rules that apply in WTC Amsterdam.

Read the house rules
Onderhoudsplanning WTC Amsterda,

Maintenance schedule

The maintenance schedule includes the planned dates for maintenance and inspections per tower.

Download the maintenance schedule
Parkeertarief WTC Amsterdam


Our car park is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The rate is €0.13 per minute (incl. VAT).

The maximum daily rate is €75 per 24 hours.

Electric charging costs €0.60 per kWh (incl. VAT).

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