Thursday December 7
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Come dine with your colleagues, partner or friends at this unique pop-up restaurant by ROC Amsterdam and make a positive contribution to a group of vulnerable local residents aged between 70 and 85. It will be a beautiful evening in these dark days before Christmas. Make social impact!

Young culinary talent

Warmoes restaurant students are at the start of their culinary careers. They are training to become self-employed cooks or hosts. At school, they are trained according to the traditional French basis, but they are also introduced to the contemporary trends Amsterdam has to offer. They regularly invite guest chefs who work in starred restaurants or specialise in world cuisine. Together with the students, they then host wonderful dinners where much is learned. Sustainability is also a high priority, as the students work with vegetables from the city and only serve wines from Dutch soil.

Many of the students dream of working in a starred restaurant, becoming a sommelier or perhaps even starting their own business. ROC Amsterdam helps these students to pursue their dreams.

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How can you make a social impact this evening?

Socialclub invites 50 local residents through Dynamo. An elderly person takes a seat at each table. For these vulnerable elderly people, an outing like this is truly a gift! It can be surprisingly fun to have very genuine and ‘down to earth’ conversations with unfamiliar people over dinner.

In addition, it is increasingly common to include in terms of employment that employees are allowed to perform ‘voluntary activities’ for x-number of hours. Being a host/hostess during this evening can give substance to this. For colleagues who host in groups, this is an opportunity to get to know each other better in a unique situation out of your comfort zone – a form of team development, in other words.

Moreover, by communicating about this, it is of course a way to raise your profile as a company for potential customers and employees who value social impact.

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Music during the evening will be provided by jazz trio Sunshine’s Got The Blues – Bahghi. Santa Claus will also pay us a special visit including presents.

More information about Sunshine's Got The Blues


Our name Warmoes refers to another name for chard; a vegetable that used to be widely grown. But Warmoes also refers to warmoes: farmers from the Amsterdam area. They grew vegetables and fruit and sold them to the townspeople. Via Warmoesstraat, the farmers brought their produce to the city’s many markets. With this past in mind, Warmoes is inspired by the plant-based future. In fact, vegetables play the starring role in their dishes! Warmoes’ goal is to work with 80% plant-based products and 20% meat/fish, trying to work waste-free by using as much of a product as possible. For a positive impact on our environment, they mainly use seasonal products, produced regionally or locally whenever possible. By combining the basic techniques associated with Culinary and Hospitality courses with the above principles, Warmoes aims to inspire you and prepare students for a sustainable future.

Read more about Warmoes here.


Dynamo “Go Social Make Impact”

With Social Impact (Corporate Social Responsibility) Dynamo wants to increase opportunities for even more vulnerable local residents to participate in society. We aim to narrow the gap between the neighbourhood and the business community. We do this by partnering with organisations such as Socialclub WTC Amsterdam.

Read more about Dynamo here.


Green Business Club Zuidas

Socialclub is organising this initiative in collaboration with Green Business Club Zuidas (GBC Zuidas). GBC Zuidas, together with participants such as Dynamo Amsterdam, connects different communities around the Zuidas. In this way, they bring employees and companies in contact with residents of the Zuid district to make a positive impact’.

Read more about GBC Zuidas here.



Four-course dinner, incl. aperitif and wine pairing: €40.00 p.p.


Beetroot – goat’s cheese from the Amsterdam forest – apple
Aperitif: Hophout tea (sparkling tea, alcohol-free) or Dame van Holset (sparkling wine)


Rouleau of leek and nori – Dutch soy sauce – herb mayonnaise
Wine: Wijndomein En Passant – Souvingier Gris (Zeeland white wine)

Intermediate dish

Soup of pumpkin – creme fraiche – pumpkin seeds – rocket pesto
Wine estate En Passant – Souvingier Gris (Zeeland white wine)

Main course

Roasted celeriac – crispy potato – stew with piccalilli
Wine: Wine estate Betuwe – LingeRood Cuvée Barrique


Stewed pear with chocolate mouse from Chocolatemakers (Co2 neutral chocolate)

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