Sustainable Festive Week

The days are getting darker, and the holidays are approaching! We want to start this festive period with the Sustainable Festive Week. From December 4th to 8th, we have another Social Week in store for you with lots of activities for all WTC tenants. These Social Weeks are offered to you by Socialclub, the WTC Amsterdam community. The majority of these activities are free to attend for everyone working in WTC Amsterdam. We wish you wonderful holidays in advance and hope to see you during the Sustainable Festive Week.

We have a diverse range of activities, from relaxing end-of-year yoga to a fantastic Christmas movie in our auditorium, and from a short but powerful Dutch language course to plenty of treats in the social room. In addition to these activities, we have organized a special dinner in collaboration with ROC Amsterdam as a social event. Vulnerable elderly people from the neighborhood are also invited via Dynamo, those who could use some extra company during this time. Socialclub covers the expenses for the elderly, and for 40 euros per person, you can enjoy a four-course dinner including a wine arrangement and entertainment for a delightful evening.

And because not everyone will have a joyful Christmas, we have set up a Giving Tree. This Christmas tree has baubles with wishes from children for a little gift. Will you help fulfill these children’s wishes?