New art

Exhibition from 1 March 2022

The work of artists Steyn Skyler and Frits Achten is currently on show throughout WTC Amsterdam. The exhibition is part of the ongoing programme to enable a wide variety of artists to show, and sell, their work within the complex

Rich in symbolism

Steyn Skyler is a young upcoming artist from Amsterdam known for his detailed artworks inspired by nature and woman. His paintings depict a surrealistic fantasy world wherein woman play the main role and are oftentimes surrounded by Steyn’s signature butterflies and flowers, trees and plants. For Steyn Skyler, nature is a huge inspiration, and his work is rich in symbolism.

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Nature as a source of inspiration

Trees, rocks, corals and animals. All made from paper-mâché. The Eindhoven artist Frits Achten fills the space with a wonderful collection of intriguing objects. A decor that evokes memories of other continents and cultures. Or a petrified garden from passed times.

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