New Art

Exhibition from 1 September until 1 November 2021

We have two amazing new artists on display at WTC Amsterdam: Marjolein Berger-Vos and Femke Moedt. Their artwork is part of an art exchange program that enables varied artists to exhibit their art in our building.

Sculptures bij Marjolein Berger-Vos

Nature is Berger-Vos' greatest source of inspiration. In her own words: "I believe that if we live and create in a relaxed manner from our own nature, we will be more in harmony with ourselves, each other and nature."

Her stone sculptures are characterised by distinct, organic, open-worked forms, in which the light has free play. Her work process is intuitive, investigative and without a preconceived plan. At the same time, Berger-Vos is also interested in making choices, in making the best, most beautiful, most powerful choice, time and time again.

Read more about the artwork of Marjolein Berger-Vos:

Paintings bij Femke Moedt

Femke Moedt studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, where she got her degree in Fine Arts with audiovisual work.

Later, Femke returned to her first love, with which she was accepted at the academy at the time… painting. Femke knows how to translate a fragmented (inner) world into eloquent and meaningful (Mixedmedia) paintings.

Moedt’s exhibition in WTC Amsterdam is titled ‘Fluid identity’ and contains a great variety of mixed media paintings and collages. Her work is exposed at two different locations in WTC Amsterdam.

 Read more about the artwork of Femke Moedt:

Paintings bij Femke Moedt
Paintings bij Femke Moedt
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