Waste & recycling

For tenants of World Trade Center Amsterdam waste will be collected on a daily basis. For the most part the quantities per day are relatively small. Collectively, however, the annual volume of waste from more than 300 tenants is quite significant and has a major impact on the environment. To reduce that impact, we are asking you to sort your waste before it is collected. This will make recycling possible and has advantages for the environment and for you. As the landlord, WTC Amsterdam does not have any direct influence on the internal business operations of its tenants. We have therefore introduced a system to reward the sorting and reducing of waste.
Collecting and processing day-to-day waste (generated by normal use of an office or retail space)

  • Tenants are responsible for determining the degree to which waste is sorted
  • Waste will be collected on a daily basis
  • All waste flows will be weighed immediately upon collection
  • There are no costs charged for the collection of sorted waste
  • Residual waste will be charged on a per kilogram basis
  • Each tenant will receive an invoice and has excess to an online (individual) waste report
  • To be eligible for ‘free’ collection of sorted waste, tenants must agree to have WTC process all of the waste flows generated
  • The tariff per kilogram for residual waste will be reviewed yearly and adjusted if necessary

Collecting and processing other waste flows
Arrangements can be made via the WTC Servicepoint for all other waste flows, such as bulky waste (incidental waste generated by renovations, decorating/furnishing and/or clean-ups), electrical equipment and/or confidential document containers. Costs will be invoiced on a monthly basis and depends on the type and volume of waste. 

  • Please note that waste must be kept in the offices close to the main door 
  • Separated waste streams must be recognizable by using e.g. transparant or coloured plastic bags
  • Costs will be invoiced by D&B The Facility Group
  • Day-to-day waste collection for tenants at Suite Offices at tower C level 5 is included in the monthly rent

For information regarding special recycling bins or login data for you online waste report please contact WTC Servicepoint via info@wtcservicepoint.com or at +31 20 575 2000.