Corona update

Lifts and stairs

As indicated in the WTC FacilityFlash of April 22, all emergency stairwells have been opened for daily use. We draw your attention to the following:

• to prevent people from having to pass each other in the stairwells, all stairs have been made in one-way traffic;

• the location of the offices means that not every floor can be reached on foot by everyone;

• in the appendix you can read how your tower was made accessible via the stairwell.

The following matters are important for using the lifts

• in contrast to previous messages, the maximum capacity for all lifts has been reduced to a maximum of two people per lift;

• inside the lift is clearly marked where you can stand safely;

• line-ups have been installed for the lift lobbies and we ask for your understanding to follow the directions.

Pressure on the lifts is expected to increase within a few weeks. To avoid waiting times, we advise you to avoid rush hours as much as possible and to use the stairs if possible.

Use of stairs tower A
Use of stairs tower B
Use of stairs tower C