Corona update

To be prepared for your return to WTC Amsterdam new measures are taken and additional measures are being planned. These measures take into account the guidelines issued by the government (RIVM) as discussed during the press conference on 21 April.

Services & continuity

The following measures are being taken to ensure that you can enter and use WTC Amsterdam as safely as possible:

  • For towers A, B, C, H the maximum amount of people per lift is reduced to four and for towers F, G, I to two people. This remains unchanged.
  • Dispensers containing hand disinfectant are placed in the communal areas and contact points such as lift buttons, door handles, taps and bannisters are being cleaned with disinfectant. This remains unchanged.
  • In narrow spaces such as lift lobbies a safe routing will be indicated.
  • The front door to the toilet facilities will be permanently open to give a better view on incoming and outgoing traffic.
  • On floors with more than two toilets per toilet facility only two toilets will be made available.
  • All emergency stairs will be made (one-way) available for daily use. With this measure almost every floors can be reached by foot.
  • Signing will be placed in the general areas, at the receptions and in / near the lifts, which draws attention to the minimum distance between one and another. The layout of the general areas will also been adapted by removing or replacing furniture.  
  • The RIVM guidelines are brought to the attention via the information screens and with signs and stickers.
  • Restaurants will be asked take the appropriate food safety measures and enforce social distancing.

What do we expect from you as a tenant

  • Work as much as possible from home.
  • Cooperation in following the measures imposed by the government. We communicate about this as much as possible within WTC Amsterdam. You are responsible for your employees and guests, so that WTC Amsterdam can be used as safely as possible.
  • For the health of everyone on site, please ensure that your employees and guests do NOT come to WTC Amsterdam if there are signs of a cold or any of the other symptoms that could indicate a Corona infection.
  • In order to avoid peak loads in the general areas, we request that you spread the working hours and breaks wherever possible.
  • If one of your employees is found to be infected, you must report this to the GGD and then to us via
  • If your office is empty, you must periodically rinse all drinking water taps, nozzles and showers within your office thoroughly (10 minutes) to prevent any legionella contamination. Are you unable to rise your water taps or do you need advice? Please contact WTC Servicepoint for the possibilities to outsource this to Engie Services.

In this way, together we ensure the safest possible use of WTC Amsterdam and the health of all present.

If you would like advice on the use of your office in accordance with the RIVM guidelines please contact WTC Servicepoint.