Thank you WeCanteen and welcome Vermaat

Thank you WeCanteen and welcome Vermaat

One of your New Year’s resolutions might be to eat healthy but don’t we like our good food to be delicious too? Well we’ve got some news for you.

You may have already heard it through the grapevine: a new catering partner will set up shop in WTC Amsterdam. We are saying goodbye to WeCanteen and would like to thank them for their (many!) years of service.


Changing Dishes

Starting February 1st, Vermaat Groep will be our new Food & Beverage partner. Vermaat will launch a new lunch concept “Changing Dishes”, offering a healthy and international assortment with plenty of room for guilty pleasures too. A good representation of our WTC, we like to think.

In case you are wondering if there’s any other changes, regarding your other favourite places? No.
Stach, Poké Perfect, Ox&Bucks, De Blauwe Engel and Che Buono are in business as usual.

A good kick-off

To look forward to some of that delicious food, we’d like to already share the first week’s deals with you: 

Tuesday deal: famous cheesecake WILS € 3.50
Wednesday deal: Freshly prepared focaccia € 4.00
Thursday deal: Freshly made Indian curry € 5.50
Friday deal: Healthy burger with grilled vegetables and side salad € 6.95

Vermaat would like to say hi!

Vermaat is very much looking forward to meeting all of you! Please contact Thomas via (or 06-52471587), for all your questions regarding banqueting, discounts or other desired services.

Smooth transition for your business? 

For a smooth transition, Vermaat would like to get in contact with you too. If you had a discount agreement with WeCanteen, or wish to arrange one with Vermaat, please get in touch to share your contact- and invoice details. Also questions about any facility cards for employees and to arrange pick-ups of the new ones (possible from February 1st). Sharing from Vermaat’s experience: things may take quite some time to arrange, so they are happy to hear from you as soon as possible.

Vermaat will do their best to provide you with the desired service as fast as they can. Your go-to person is (again): Thomas via (or 0652471587). To get to know more about our new partner, please visit
Of course we will share more information and updates with you in the future. See you soon!
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