New art

The impressive work of Karin van de Walle and Hetty van der Linden can be admired soon in WTC Amsterdam.

Karin van de Walle

Karin van de Walle is a ceramic artist who has developed a completely unique visual language with her unique working method. She merges eclectic elements and constantly pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

Karin draws her inspiration mainly from artists who have ventured outside mainstream art movements. Her sculptures, composed of materials such as ceramics, porcelain, cast marble and sometimes bronze, reflect her idiosyncratic style and unlimited creativity. They express extravagance, humour and a sense of constant movement. Karin always works from themes, which recur regularly in the form of AnimalGirls, SpaceAngels, ShowGirls, TraditionalGirls and RecycleGirls.

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Hetty van der Linden

Hetty van der Linden is founder of the Paint a Future foundation, through which she paints all over the world with children in disadvantaged situations. She encourages children to paint their dreams, imagining that the painting brush is a magic wand with which they can bring their dreams to life.

Renowned artists from around the world take inspiration from these childrens’ drawings and incorporate them into their own paintings. The resulting artworks are sold, and with the proceeds the dreams of the children are realized.

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