New art from Juliette Polak and Marianne van den Berg

The impressive work of Juliette Polak and Marianne van den Berg can be admired in WTC Amsterdam from January 3rd to March 1st.

Juliette Polak

Discover the work of Juliette Polak! Originally a lawyer, she now seamlessly juggles being a jurist and a passionate photographer. In her art, she shapes what surrounds us and embraces the enchanting world of images that has always captivated her. Emotion, aesthetics, and the physical appearance of timelessness are at the core of her work. She seeks to capture that rim of light, that glimpse of someone’s life.

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Marianne van den Berg

Marianne van den Berg’s art is touching! In her work, she goes beyond the precise depiction of the human form. She manages to evoke recognition by crafting powerful yet vulnerable images. Marianne has developed a pure and distinctive style through her intuitive approach.

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