New art

The impressive work of Eliza de Geus and Esther de Jong can be admired from 1 May to 30 June 2023 in WTC Amsterdam.

eliza de geus


With her series ‘Utopia’, Eliza wants to connect the viewer with their own utopian feeling. She shows us mesmerizing images of otherworldly places, inspired by the grandeur and elegance of nature. Vibrant colours, light reflections and small unexpected details give Eliza’s works an unusual character, encouraging the viewer to leave the mundane and give space to imagination. Her works give you an experience of wonder, contemplation and imagination.

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The fusion of opposites

Esther de Jong’s work is characterized by round, firm shapes, which generally give her images a monumental character. With her statues, Esther investigates the contradictions of innocence versus resilience and truth versus identity. Her close observation and refined stylization are characteristic of her work. Esther’s images can be fragile and powerful, youthful and lived, innocent and resilient at the same time. Come by and admire her introverted, yet powerful statues.

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