Meet Birgit Heliczer

A warm welcome to our new Junior Commercial Manager: Birgit Heliczer who joined the WTC Amsterdam team on January 1.

“WTC Amsterdam is blossoming again.”

Birgit Heliczer

Junior Commercial Manager

Supporting role 

As Junior Commercial Manager, Birgit has a supporting role in the letting of the office spaces. Her work mainly consists of drafting rental agreements and all the additional processes after these agreements have been concluded. 

 No two days are the same 

Working with a lot of different people is what she enjoys about her job because, she says, no two days are ever the same.

“I enjoy welcoming new tenants, guiding them to their future new working environment and making sure they have all the comforts they need. I also enjoy maintaining contact with current tenants and providing them with all the services CBRE has to offer. In addition, interesting developments are taking place in and around WTC Amsterdam that will make the most of the building’s function in a sustainable way. We are keeping up with the times!”. 

Good food

Birgit loves good food and her favourite place so far is the bakery on Zuidplein where they sell fresh bread, cakes, tarts, savoury snacks – everything you need for a delicious snack or lunch. “I expect there will be more favourite spots in the future when I have had more time to explore,” she says.

A fun fact about Birgit: “Last year, I wanted to open my own flower shop, but time was against me. I may still do it one day. Who knows, maybe even in WTC Amsterdam.” 

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