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Embrace the season of giving in December! With the Giving Tree initiative, you can contribute to a joyous Christmas for children in need by gifting them a heartwarming present. Ready to spread some happiness and brightness during the darker days leading up to the holidays? Extend a caring hand during Sustainable Festive Week to children who are alone, without family, offering them the comforting notion that there are compassionate hearts thinking of them.


In the central hall of Tower ABC, the ‘Giving Tree’ Christmas tree is adorned with 100 unique baubles. Each bauble contains a card with a gift request from one of the children. Between December 4 and 15, you can select one of these special baubles, purchase the specified gift and contribute to creating a delightful Christmas for these children! Have the gift expertly wrapped at the Service Point in Tower ABC, where Hoff’s hostess will be happy to wrap your gift using sustainable wrapping paper.

Deliver your gift to the Servicepoint by Tuesday morning, December 19. Community managers Eva & Annemarie will ensure that all gifts reach the children in Pluryn de Beele in Voorst. With this initiative, the Socialclub aims to foster a sense of unity, allowing us to collectively make a positive impact with all tenants in WTC Amsterdam. Additionally, it serves as a testament to our social responsibility during these challenging times. Will you join us in spreading goodwill?

About Pluryn

Pluryn offers treatment to young people with complex problems. They do so as close to home as possible, as short as possible, as long as necessary. Sometimes children cannot stay at home temporarily. At a treatment centre they can continue to work on their future and development. Pluryn has several youth locations in different regions. They can stay in a quiet environment where they alternate between education, treatment and therapy.

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