Dress for Success

Do you have clothes you’d like to donate? We welcome mis-sellers or items with labels still attached. Your mis-sale will make others very happy! The clothes must be application-worthy (contemporary and modern) but above all in good condition and clean (washed/steamed).

Dress for Success is a global organisation, founded and run by volunteers, that helps both men and women on minimum incomes get free job application outfits. Anyone on their way to economic independence is welcome to visit Dress for Success shops.

Dress for Success sends people in perhaps a fitting outfit provided by you full of confidence on their way to a job interview or presentation, to a contract meeting or a pitch. First impressions are always important and help determine a successful outcome. But where do you get the money for new professional clothes when you are living on a minimum income or (welfare) benefits? Dress for Success offers a solution!

You can drop off your clothes in the Socialroom, where there will be a special Dress for Success drop-off point during the week of 4-8 December.

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