Night of the Night: combat unnecessary lighting

Did you know that the Netherlands is one of the most illuminated countries in the world? Excessive lighting causes light pollution and energy wastage, disrupting the natural rhythms of both people and animals. To reduce the unnecessary use of lighting and electricity after office hours, WTC Amsterdam participates in Night of the Night on October 28th and supports the Green Business Club initiative ‘Zuidas doe(t) het licht uit!’ (‘Zuidas turns off the lights!’). Will you join us?

At WTC Amsterdam, we understand the impact of excessive electricity usage. That’s why we participate annually in ‘Night of the Night‘ and Earth Hour, two national events that raise awareness about unnecessary energy waste. During these moments, we switch off all non-essential lighting to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Despite these efforts, the lights continue to burn on some floors – sometimes because people are still working but also because lights simply don’t turn off in an empty office. This is not only costly, especially given the current energy prices, but also unnecessary. That’s why we’re joining ‘Zuidas doe(t) het licht uit!’ (‘Zuidas turns off the lights’), an initiative by the Green Business Club Zuidas, to collectively combat unnecessary energy waste and light pollution.

Will you join us? Sign up via this link.

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