Bob Ross Painting Workshop

Looking for a fun way to relax after work? Join us for this last big online event before the summer. Though still hosted online, you won’t be staring at your screen much: get out those paint brushes and lose yourself in fluffy clouds, happy little trees and almighty mountains with our Bob Ross paint-along workshop.

Don’t worry if your painting skills aren’t all that. Bob would tell you that there’s an artist hidden in every single one of us. Our teacher will guide you every step of the way; in just two hours you’ll bring out your inner artist to recreate a Bob Ross painting and be amazed by the results.

Will it be as much fun as it sounds? Even more so! All the painting supplies for your masterpiece will be delivered to your doorstep. Because of this service, plus a limited number of “seats”, a no-show is a no-go. So please double check if your schedule is actually really, really 100% free. All clear? Hit “register” below and sign up now.

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