Amaze Mobility App

Fancy checking out alternative forms of travel while making your commute to work as easy and as good for the environment as possible? We’ve got an Amazing offer for you.

Amsterdam city council is looking for 500 people who either work, live or study in Zuidas to test out a new app which is helping make travel more sustainable, more efficient and as flexible as possible.

The A tot Zuidas organisation and research group Ideate want to know what people think about when deciding how to travel and what makes them happy when moving from A to B.

The 500 volunteers will be able to claim €100 worth of free travel via the Amaze Mobility app which they can use to locate and reserve a shared bike, moped or car, or take public transport. That means no ov-chipkaart, no expenses claims and no extra admin for the HR department – a win win situation all round.

The trial will take place between now and August 1 and all participants have to do in return is share their experiences and travel info at the end of the test period.

Sign up via this link.

If you want to take part as a company rather than as individuals, get in touch with Maryse de Oliveira Martins to find out more about the additional benefits.

By the way Amaze has just won the Zuidas Green Business Club award for the best initiative in terms of mobility and logistics.


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