Physical and mental well-being

Our health and wellness initiatives at WTC Amsterdam are focused on promoting health and wellness education to the people within WTC Amsterdam. Employees will have access to a library holding material for wellness education regarding a variety of health topics that are available in the Wellness Library in the lobby. See the following links for more information on other health related topics:


Water Quality

Waternet is the water company for Amsterdam and its surroundings. The tap water in Amsterdam is of the highest quality and is checked daily. Click here for a comparison of the drinking water with the legal requirements.



A small amount of artificial light disturbs the sleep-wake rhythm of humans according to various studies. A dark bedroom is therefore important for a good night’s sleep. More information is available on the following websites:


General information health and well-being:

Mental health is the health of your mind. When you think of health, you usually think of your physical health. If you want to feel fitter, you start to exercise, you go to bed earlier, you quit smoking or you start eating healthier. But did you know that taking care of your mind is just as important? When you are feeling both physically and mentally well, you will function better, you will be more positive in life, you will suffer less from stress and you can deal with problems more efficiently (source: ggd).

Algemene informatie gezondheid en welzijn

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Working Well

Workplace mental


Suggestions for supporting health and well-being:

From Evidence to Practice: Workplace Wellness that Works

Urban green spaces and health


Government and institutions:





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