In-house emergencies response team

Dutch occupational health and safety legislation stipulates that employer and employees have primary responsibility for occupational health and safety policy. Each company must employ at least one in-house emergency response officer who is able to implement the measures that focus on health and safety within a company.
For tenants in World Trade Center Amsterdam this means that:

  • Every tenant should have their own in-house emergency response team
  • Every tenant should arrange their own evacuation plan
  • Every tenant should identify their own assembly area

To ensure the safety of all tenants and visitors the following principles apply within the WTC complex:

  • At least two in-house emergency response officers should be appointed by tenants per floor
  • On floors with more than one tenant, tenants may appoint in-house emergency response officers jointly
  • In-house emergency response officers should always check common areas on their floor such as toilets, lift lobbies and corridors for persons not responding to the alarm signal or who do not have access to the emergency exits.