Hot work permit

To guarantee fire safety during work in and around World Trade Center Amsterdam, all tenants or tenants' contractors must abide by the following instructions:

  • Work constituting a fire hazard or involving disabling fire protection must be reported to the landlord at least two working days in advance using a ‘hot work permit'.
  • Before work commences, applicants have to report to WTC Security and hand over the signed application form.
  • The work is monitored by WTC Security and if it appears that there is no signed ‘hot work permit', WTC Security is authorized to halt the activities immediately
  • After the work has been finished, tenants or tenants' contractors shall carry out a final check and hand in the signed 'hot work permit' to WTC Security. WTC Security will perform a final inspection

Disabling the sprinkler and smoke detection systems must be regarded as an emergency situation. The period during which the sprinkler system and/or smoke detection system is to be out of operation must be kept as short as possible. Proper planning of the work is therefore of the essence. In principle disabling more than one sprinkler section at the same time is not allowed. When part of the sprinkler system is put out of operation, the following measures must be taken:

  • A smoking ban must be maintained in the sections without active sprinkler protection and/or fire alarm system
  • Welding and cutting work is to be avoided in the sections without an active sprinkler protection and/or fire alarm system. In the case of absolutely essential welding work, all possible precautions must be taken, such as using welding blankets and covering or removing flammable material
  • A fire watchman appointed by the tenant must supervise the unprotected area and preferably be in direct contact with the WTC Security by means of a walkie-talkie. If the systems are to be out of operation for longer than one working day, fire rounds must be made outside working hours in such a way that each place is checked at least once an hour
  • All fire-extinguishing equipment present in the sections concerned must be kept available for immediate use. The fire watchman must have one or more fire extinguishers at his disposal for immediate use

Hot work checklist
Tenants can submit an application through a digital form in Facilitor.
External parties can submit an application through this link.

  •  Make sure WTC security has received your hot work permit
  • Survey the surroundings
  • Make sure you have enough fire extinguishing materials
  • Make sure you have a mobile phone
  • Remove fire accelerants
  • Cover up inflammatory material
  • Pay attention to the other side of the area
  • When disabling the fire protection system, a fire watchman is mandatory
  • Always have a final inspection 
  • Return the signed 'hot work permit' after the final inspection to WTC security