Corona updates

Below you'll find all the updates that we've communicated regarding corona.

COVID-19 / CORONA UPDATE (22 january 2021)

The Dutch government has introduced a curfew across the Netherlands starting Saturday 23 January until Tuesday 9 February 2021 between 21.00 and 04.30. The aim of the curfew is to slow the Covid infection rate.  


Only necessary travel, including for work, is permitted during curfew. For this reason, World Trade Center Amsterdam also remains accessible in the evening and night hours.


The Dutch government decided that stricter measures are needed to bring down the number of Covid-19 infections and this will go into effect at 22.00 on Wednesday 14 October.

As in the past few months WTC Amsterdam will stay open for business, but we ask extra attention to these new measures like the use of face masks and the maximum group size. We follow the guidelines of the Dutch government and would like to ask your cooperation to do all you can to prevent spread of the disease.

Work from home, unless this is really not possible.
Indoors and outdoors a group must have no more than 4 people from different households.
If you are aged 13 or over, wear a face mask in the common areas of the building. This will also be included on the signage.

Please read the complete news bulletin of the Dutch Government.

In this way, together we ensure the safest possible use of WTC Amsterdam and the health of all present. If you would like advice on the use of your office in accordance with the RIVM guidelines please contact WTC Servicepoint.


Return to WTC Amsterdam (7 July 2020)

More and more companies are returning to the office and therefore also to WTC Amsterdam. This graph shows that currently about 45% of the usual number of people are back.

Source: All washrooms in WTC Amsterdam are equipped with people counters. These counters make it possible to use cleaning in a targeted manner. For this analysis, the monthly average of 2019 has been compared to the number of toilet visitors in 2020.

Climate installations (11 June 2020)

On May 20, the CBRE webinar "The Office Reset" was organized, providing information about the Covid-19 virus in relation to office buildings. Because we received questions about the ventilation in WTC Amsterdam after the webinar, we would like to indicate which guidelines are followed and how the installations are set up.

WTC / CBRE follows the guidelines of RIVM. RIVM considers good ventilation in all circumstances important, but sees no connection with Covid-19. Dissemination of Covid-19 by air has not been demonstrated and for this reason, according to the RIVM, it is not necessary to adapt ventilation systems to combat the virus. Read additional information from RIVM here.

So-called "air handling units" are used for ventilation. Fresh outside air is drawn in, filtered and heated, cooled and / or humidified depending on the season via the blow-in air treatment units. The air that is drawn in is then spread on the floors via ceiling grilles. The exhaust air treatment units draw the used air from the floors back out. Because WTC Amsterdam consists of different building parts, the climate systems are not the same everywhere.

Towers A, B and C
In towers A, B and C, part of the exhaust air is normally blown in or recirculated and returned to all floors via the air handling units. This makes it possible to use previously heated or cooled air in hot or cold periods. After all; additional heating and cooling requires energy. In connection with the discussion about ventilation in offices, the recirculation system has been switched off for the time being and towers A, B and C are only supplied with fresh outside air. Because the system is not designed for this, this will have consequences for energy consumption.

Towers F, G, H and I including conference center and stage offices A and B
These towers use a newer type of climate installation where recirculation is not necessary to save energy. The extracted air goes directly out and fresh outside air is always used.

Back to a safe and hygienic office
Due to the corona virus, offices will have to be redesigned and there will be even more focus on health and hygiene. Do you have questions about purchasing resources and / or providing additional services? Via WTC Service Point you can get in touch with suppliers and specialists in the field of:

  • transfer 1.5 meters society to the 1.5 meters office
  • personal protective equipment
  • disinfection columns
  • cleaning and disinfection services
  • special waste bins for mouth masks
  • signage or routing system
  • safety screens
  • door openers (key hanger & elbow opener)

Covid-19 / Corona update (22 april 2020)

To be prepared for your return to WTC Amsterdam new measures are taken and additional measures are being planned. These measures take into account the guidelines issued by the government (RIVM) as discussed during the press conference on 21 April.

Services & continuity
The following measures are being taken to ensure that you can enter and use WTC Amsterdam as safely as possible:

  • For towers A, B, C, H the maximum amount of people per lift is reduced to four and for towers F, G, I to two people. This remains unchanged.
  • Dispensers containing hand disinfectant are placed in the communal areas and contact points such as lift buttons, door handles, taps and bannisters are being cleaned with disinfectant. This remains unchanged.
  • In narrow spaces such as lift lobbies a safe routing will be indicated.
  • The front door to the toilet facilities will be permanently open to give a better view on incoming and outgoing traffic.
  • On floors with more than two toilets per toilet facility only two toilets will be made available.
  • All emergency stairs will be made (one-way) available for daily use. With this measure almost every floors can be reached by foot.
  • Signing will be placed in the general areas, at the receptions and in / near the lifts, which draws attention to the minimum distance between one and another. The layout of the general areas will also been adapted by removing or replacing furniture.  
  • The RIVM guidelines are brought to the attention via the information screens and with signs and stickers.
  • Restaurants will be asked take the appropriate food safety measures and enforce social distancing.

What do we expect from you as a tenant

  • Work as much as possible from home.
  • Cooperation in following the measures imposed by the government. We communicate about this as much as possible within WTC Amsterdam. You are responsible for your employees and guests, so that WTC Amsterdam can be used as safely as possible.
  • For the health of everyone on site, please ensure that your employees and guests do NOT come to WTC Amsterdam if there are signs of a cold or any of the other symptoms that could indicate a Corona infection.
  • In order to avoid peak loads in the general areas, we request that you spread the working hours and breaks wherever possible.
  • If one of your employees is found to be infected, you must report this to the GGD and then to us via
  • If your office is empty, you must periodically rinse all drinking water taps, nozzles and showers within your office thoroughly (10 minutes) to prevent any legionella contamination. Are you unable to rise your water taps or do you need advice? Please contact WTC Servicepoint for the possibilities to outsource this to Engie Services.

In this way, together we ensure the safest possible use of WTC Amsterdam and the health of all present.

If you would like advice on the use of your office in accordance with the RIVM guidelines please contact WTC Servicepoint.


Use of parking subscriptions (6 april 2020)

Due to the government measures, there is a chance that you or your colleagues will temporarily not use a parking subscription.

For us, parking subscriptions are not personal and it is advisable - if necessary - to exchange parking cards between colleagues. In this way you give a colleague who must be present, but who does not normally come by car, the opportunity to use the parking subscription.

We understand the situation and would like to give you until Monday 13 April to arrange this. From that moment on, we assume that everyone with a visitor ticket for the parking garage cannot claim a parking subscription.

For questions please contact WTC Servicepoint.

Update Coronavirus (16 march 2020)

The aim of this newsletter is to update you on the most recent measures we have been taking to combat coronavirus at WTC Amsterdam, given the rapid speed of developments in the Netherlands as a whole. At the same time, we would ask you to please do all you can at an individual and at a company level to prevent the spread of the disease, and to follow the guidelines published by the Dutch public health institute RIVM (

The government has said that everyone should work from home where possible.

Service provision and continuity
The WTC remains open and our provision of services will continue. In concrete terms this means:

There is always someone from the management team on location during office hours to manage operational services
Our suppliers will continue to provide their services

If the RIVM introduces additional measures we will follow them and, of course, inform you.

The cleaning programme has been adapted since March 9. In additional to the regular cleaning, staff are now paying extra attention to contact points such as lift buttons, door handles, taps and bannisters, which are cleaned at least once a day with a disinfectant.

We have also placed hand sanitising liquid dispensers in all the communal areas.

We will keep abreast of any further recommendations made by the local health board and the government and implement them.

Communications and protocol
If someone working for your organisation and based in the WTC is diagnosed with coronavirus, you must inform the local health board (GGD) and us. You can contact us on 020-5759111 or via The carrier must remain at home. We will then implement the appropriate GGD protocol that determines what measures your organisation and WTC Amsterdam should take, and how this will be communicated.

What you should do as a tenant
We trust that you have already had sufficient information about the ways to keep safe and what measures are needed to prevent further infections. You can find the official guidelines on the RIVM website. (

Catering facilities within WTC
In accordance with guidelines from the government, the catering facilities within WTC Amsterdam are closed.

Update Coronavirus (9 march 2020)

Here is an update to our Facilities Flash of February 26 about the way World Trade Center Amsterdam is dealing with the coronavirus outbreak, plus an answer to some of your most frequently asked questions.

What should you do if you have health complaints?
Check the website of the Dutch public health institute RIVM for the latest advice. If you:

  • Have a cold or a temperature of up to 38 degrees
  • Have been in one of the areas where coronavirus is prevalent
  • Then stay home and make sure you do not infect others. Keep your distance from other people.

If the complaints worsen

  • You have a temperature of over 38 degrees
  • You have a cough or breathing difficulties
  • Contact your doctor by phone and avoid the WTC for the next 14 days

What protocol will the WTC follow in the event of an infection?
If you or one of your colleagues is diagnosed with coronavirus, you must report this to WTC. You can reach us via 020-575 9111 or via The carrier must not come to WTC. If you or a colleague is diagnosed with coronavirus, WTC will implement the GGD national health board protocol and that determines what measures are taken and how this will be communicated.

What preventative measures is WTC Amsterdam taking?
Since March 9 contact points such as lift buttons, door handles, tabs and bannisters are being cleaned with disinfectant. For the time being the cleaning frequency will  stay unchanged. In addition, we have placed dispensers containing hand disinfectant in the communal areas.

Will the WTC provide a company continuity plan?
No. Every tenant is responsible for their own planning. 

Can I provide my own sanitary supplies?
If you need paper towels or hand disinfectant for you own use, please contact WTC Servicepoint. Please do not take these additional items into the communal areas.

World Trade Center Amsterdam is part of the CBRE Dutch Office Fund and managed by CBRE BV. The CBRE Global Security & Crisis Management team is keeping the WTC management up to date about developments and providing advice on how to deal with any eventual outbreak here. This information is in line with recommendations made by the relevant health organisations and aims to protect clients and workers. CBRE operates an internal Pandemic and Infectious Diseases Response Plan and will follow this, if it proves to be necessary. We are also being kept abreast of developments and the need to take new measures by the Dutch public health institute RIVM and national health board GGD.