Monique Minkes-Elissen
Executive Assistant of the Management Board

MUFG has been a tenant for almost 35 years. MUFG Bank (Europe) N.V. is a fully-owned subsidiary of MUFG Bank, serving Japanese and global clients through MUFG in the Netherlands, branches and subsidiaries across continental Europe. ‘’As an international company, it’s important to have our European headquarters located in a central area. WTC Amsterdam is not only convenient to our clients but also to our employees. Overall, WTC Amsterdam ticked all of our office location requirement boxes, says Monique Minkes-Elissen.


Location that can’t be beaten

‘’WTC Amsterdam ensures they are kept abreast with the latest developments around a healthy workplace and how we can further enhance our working environment for optimizing work life balance. Also, the central location of the WTCA, at the heart of the city center in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, close to the airport, and the advanced infrastructure around this area is everything you wish for as an international oriented company,’’ adds Monique.


The place to connect

‘’The building design enables you to connect with your neighbors very easily. One key aspect that stands out are the many facilities. From resources to support your personal health, including dentists and physiotherapists, to restaurants and cafés to socialize and connect with other people. Moreover, the open space areas are very inviting and comfortable to sit down and have meetings/chats and/or to relax during a break or sit after working hours, she continues’’


Diversity and internationality

‘’We greatly value diversity as an international bank, and strive to establish a culture that sets standards of inclusion and diversity. The international character of WTC Amsterdam seamlessly adheres to our values, something that we are proud of. Being located at WTC Amsterdam, with its wide range of nationalities and cultures, both in and around our workplace, brings an energetic dimension to the workday every day!’’

“Being located at WTC Amsterdam brings an energetic dimension to the workday every day!’’

Monique Minkes-Elissen

Location Manager NL, Executive Assistant of the Management Board

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