Joost Fortuin
Senior Managing Director

“People used to think it was weird that we were no longer in the centre near the canals. We have been here since 1998 and now have 200 employees. Back then, Zuidas was much more of a real business district. At the time, we were particularly charmed by the many facilities. An important reason why we are still here is the excellent accessibility. There are plenty of parking options, we are close to the exit roads, and you can go in all directions with public transport. And finally, just as important, you are now right in the middle of real life here. You can walk out the door to buy a present. And there is always something going on in the grandiose central hall. People having lunch, senior citizens getting a guided architectural tour, children from the day-care centre coming and going… It’s alive here.”

More than work

“We feel involved with the Zuidas and the life that takes place here. It also has a lot to offer. From the Blauwe Engel to the supermarket and dry cleaners. Everything that makes life easy, you can use here between the companies. There are seats to chat, all kinds of restaurants and there is plenty to do on our doorstep too. This gives you the feeling that it’s not just about work. An office is increasingly becoming a hub where you keep your DNA and culture and meet your colleagues. But it is no longer the only place you work, nor is it the place where you only work.”

Sustainable and healthy

“It’s also important to us that sustainability and health are real themes here. Separating waste, saving energy, CO2 emissions… Environment and climate are very important to us. You can definitely eat very healthily here and there is a huge choice. If you want to get some fresh air and relax, you can walk straight to the Beatrixpark. Yes, this really is a unique place.”

Our office is located at WTC Amsterdam since 1998. For us, it is still the only location where business and private life really go hand in hand.

Joost Fortuin

Senior Managing Director at PageGroup

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