D&B The Facility Group

Edo den Hertog & Jan-Willem de Bruijn
General Manager Facility Management & CEO

Edo den Hertog and Jan-Willem de Bruijn are respectively the general manager and CEO of D&B The Facility Group. They have been working with CBRE since 2012 to make WTC Amsterdam “a great place to be”. And they do so with a great deal of commitment and pleasure.


“WTCA is a really nice village, always buzzing and dynamic. And a nice mix of companies. Large, small, from all over the world. An environment that suits us well as an organisation. We also have our own office here and more than 80 people are working day in day out to make the tenants happy with our services, from cleaning, security and service point to catering.”


“WTC Amsterdam really wants to set the tone and that gives us the space to bring new concepts and techniques to the market. Sensoring in the toilets, for example. We know exactly how many people use them and what the level of pollution is. This makes it much easier to deliver customised solutions and to ensure that everything is spick and span. Or take our new catering concepts. The cosy grand café Ox & Bucks, the Stach store, the We Canteen Foodcourt, the popular restaurant Che Buono, Poké Perfect, all catering concepts in the WTC that we have been privileged to develop together with our partner Horeca Zuidplein. WTCA is truly distinctive, with their services to tenants. We are proud to be able to contribute to that.”


“The daily contact with tenants is super important to us. It gives us a good idea of what is going on, what people need, so that we can continue to respond well to that. We want to lead, innovate and experiment. If something catches on, we carry it through. In doing so, we aim for a minimum score of 8. And that is appreciated. Tenants stay with us and see us as part of the high-quality service that WTCA offers in all areas.”


“We also like to take care of new tenants. If necessary, we help them find their way, also in procurement of services. We can relieve them of all their worries. From cleaning to hospitality services. Because we are in-house, we can switch quickly and anticipate well. Together with WTC, we want to be trendsetters in important areas such as sustainability, vitality and ICT.”

WTC Amsterdam challenges us every day.

Jan-Willem de Bruijn

CEO at D&B The Facility Group

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