At WTC Amsterdam, our number one priority is ensuring a healthy working environment. We encourage a healthy lifestyle with a diverse range of good food providers, extensive sports facilities, and space to relax. WTC Amsterdam is BREEAM certified with a focus on sustainable service, quality improvement and user experience.

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Mindful living

Good health goes beyond sports and eating well. If you feel physically and mentally good about yourself, you will function better, have a more positive outlook on life and suffer less from stress. Looking for office space in Amsterdam at a location that fully aligns with your well-being? Our facilities support this important balance between body and mind.

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Social Club

The Social Club is a special concept that we offer in all our locations. The essence is good community management and making sure we keep everyone up to date about what is happening in their building.

Social connections and relaxation also play a big part in well-being. That is why the Social Club also organises fun, sporty and educational events and helps to set up impactful charity projects.

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Sustainable initiatives

BREEAM In-Use certificate

WTC Amsterdam holds a BREEAM in USE certificate. To obtain this certificate, buildings’ sustainability performance is examined using questions in score groups and categories. The score groups are Asset, Management and Use. The categories are Management, Health, Energy, Transport, Water, Materials, Waste, Land use and ecology and Pollution. Evidence must be provided for each component, which is reviewed by an external assessor. A score is only awarded if the sustainability performance is better than required by law.

More information can be found on the websites of the Dutch Green Building Council and BREEAM NL.

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Duurzame initiatieven

Green Business Club Zuidas

WTC Amsterdam is a member of the Green Business Club (GBC) Zuidas. The shared ambition is to make the Zuidas the most sustainable and liveable residential and business district of the Netherlands. Each member organization uses its own expertise to inspire and help each other. The result: a lively and committed network of professionals with one common goal: to make the Zuidas and their own business operations more sustainable.

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Conscious handling of health

Physical and mental well-being

The health and wellness initiatives at WTC Amsterdam focus on promoting health and wellness education, with access to the Wellness Library in the lobby for everyone working in our office spaces. We place great value on mental health. If you feel good about yourself, both mind and body, you function better, have a more positive outlook towards life and suffer less from stress.

We also encourage the use of tap water in all our buildings, with the support of Waternet, the water company for Amsterdam and the surrounding area. The tap water in Amsterdam is of the highest quality and is checked daily.

We also pay attention to good lighting. Even a small amount of artificial light disturbs people’s sleep-wake rhythms. Finding a balance is therefore all the more important when you work in an office.

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