At WTC Amsterdam, a healthy work environment is our number one priority. We encourage a healthy lifestyle with a diverse range of good food, extensive sports facilities and room for fun. WTC Amsterdam is also BREEAM certified with a focus on sustainable service, quality improvement and user experience.

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Health goes beyond sports and eating well. If you feel physically and mentally good about yourself, you will function better, have a more positive outlook on life and suffer less from stress. Our facilities support this important balance between body and mind.
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The Socialclub is a special concept that we offer in all our offices. The essence of the concept is good community management. We keep everyone informed about what is happening in their building.

But social connection, sociability and relaxation also play a big part. That is why Socialclub organises fun, sporting and educational events and helps to set up impactful charity projects.
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BREEAM In-Use certificate

WTC Amsterdam holds a BREEAM In-Use certificate. BREEAM assesses, determines and certifies the sustainability performance of buildings.

Examples of green initiatives, included in our BREEAM certificate, are: motion sensors in offices and parking garage, solar panels on the roof (Towers A, B and C), rental of shared cars through Audi Shared Fleet and AMBER and Ecolabel certified cleaning products.
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Conscious handling of health

Physical and mental well-being

The health and wellness initiatives at WTC Amsterdam focus on promoting health and wellness education among our employees (Towers ABCEFGHI), including providing access to the Wellness Library in the lobby. We place great value on mental health. If you feel good about yourself, both mind and body, you function better, have a more positive outlook towards life and suffer less from stress.

We also encourage the use of tap water in all our buildings, with the support of Waternet, the water company for Amsterdam and the surrounding area. The tap water in Amsterdam is of the highest quality and is checked daily.

We also pay attention to good lighting. Even a small amount of artificial light disturbs people's sleep-wake rhythms. Finding a balance is therefore all the more important when you work in an office.
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