Building access

Building hours of operation 
All ground floor entrances are open Monday to Friday from 06:30 am to 8:00 pm. The Facility Square, which houses restaurants and cafes, is open until 01:00 am. The building is closed at weekends and statutory holidays. 

After-hours access
WTC Security will grant access to tenant employees and visitors who are pre-registered by an Authorized Tenant Contact only. WTC Security is strictly prohibited from allowing access to secured tenant spaces, unless this is agreed upon by tenant and WTC Security in a separate agreement.
Entrances and exits
Pedestrian entrances are on Zuidplein, Strawinskylaan, Eduard van Beinumstraat and Beethovenstraat. The entrance on Strawinskylaan is intended for use by taxis and chauffeur-driven cars to pick up and drop passengers. The Zuidplein entrance provides access from the Zuid/WTC railway station. Deliveries by courier, the delivery and dispatch of goods and tenant relocations must be carried out via the loading and unloading bays. Towers A – G are accessible via the loading bay at Matthijs Vermeulenpad. Towers H and I are accessible via the loading bay at Eduard van Beinumstraat. 
Mobility impaired access
People with mobility impairments can access the WTC via Zuidplein, Strawinskylaan and Eduard van Beinumstraat. There are several reserved parking spaces for mobility impaired individuals on  parking levels P1 and P2. Lift are available in the car park which provide access to Central Hall and Lobby H/I. All parts of the complex can be reached using lifts located in Central Hall and Lobby H/I.
Access to the car park
The car park is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  WTC Security will maintain surveillance using CCTV and patrol staff outside normal opening hours.
Leaving the building after opening hours
A push button is installed next to all exits. Press this to unlock the door without the need to call WTC Security.