Bomb threat

If you receive a bomb threat, remain calm. Listen carefully and do not interrupt the caller. Write down as much information about the caller as possible. If available, check the call display and record the phone number. Ask the caller questions like: Where is the bomb? When will the bomb go off? What type of bomb is it? Why are you doing this, and who are you?
Try to write down the caller's exact words and make notes as to the caller’s voice. For example, note if the voice is male or female, young or old, nervous or calm, or if the voice has any distinguishing qualities.

  • Make note of any background noises such as music or traffic
  • Make note of when the call started and ended. Once the call has ended, call 112 and then the WTC Emergency line at +31 (20) 575 3333

​Follow the instructions of building and emergency personnel. If the bomb threat was in a letter or received by mail, do not discard the letter or email and be prepared to provide this information to building and emergency personnel.