WTC Amsterdam opt for urban catering concepts

World Trade Center Amsterdam has tendered a large part of its current restaurants. A few parties, including the innovative catering concept We Canteen, were invited to participate in the tender and challenged to surprise. We Canteen conspired with catering entrepreneur and-personality Casper Reinders and together they developed a concept which brings the city center of Amsterdam to the World Trade Center. The contract was awarded to We Canteen last year.

Casper Reinders
We Canteen concluded that World Trade Center Amsterdam needs leading entrepreneurs who bring high end, trendy, local, healthy and exciting concepts to the area. They approached a good friend, Casper Reinders, to think along and co-entrepreneur. "The first thought when I was asked for WTC was that it was a place where I might not quite belong, and that made it kind of funny again. I briefly, maybe five seconds thought about it, and then I thought ... yes, this is very cool," says Reinders.

Various concepts
Together they developed a restaurant concept for World Trade Center Amsterdam which will create a huge variety of unique and innovative catering outlets in the commercial area of the famous World Trade Center Amsterdam. So there will be, staged from February, a food court, a Californian style Vegetarian restaurant and a hip, high-end Vietnamese á la carte restaurant realized. There will also be a STACH store opened in WTC Amsterdam.

For the operation of the Conference Center in WTC Amsterdam is also chosen for greater focus by selecting a specialized party. As of February 6 meeting and conferences will be provided by The Office Operators. After a soft launch the Conference Center eventually will also undergo a facelift and therefore be more in line with the needs and demands of our time.

You can read more about the horeca concepts in an extra edition of WTC Today, WTC Extra.